Bozeman Climate Made for Winter Olympics

As Sochi Olympic officials tap into a snow reserve to deal with balmy temperatures, Bozeman's climate seems to be ideal for a future Winter Olympics in 2026.  The average February high temperature is 35 degrees, with a low of 15 degrees, according to meteorologist Matt Grey

Snowfall at the Olympics is always a wild card, the Nagano Games (2006) had too much and provided white-out conditions; the Vancouver Games (2010) had very little snowfall. 

Bozeman-area ski resorts average 350-400 inches of snow.  Grey says compared to the snow averages of the Calgary Games (1988) and Salt Lake City Games (2002), Bozeman's snowfall numbers would fall in the middle.  Bozeman's average temperatures and snowfall amounts would provide favorable conditions for the 2026 Winter Olympics.